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ID by me

BEN | Male | Age unknown | Aromantic asexual | Single FOREVER | Ghost/statue | kAWAII AS FUCK >8D

Le admin: :iconoutmost433:

Personality: BEN is described as annoyed easily, quick to anger, manipulative, and has an awkward random humor, and many people manage to find him funny. But overall he is a very serious person. He is sometimes arrogant, egotistical, and has a high opinion of his creepypasta. He gets scared easily, and is also a very sensitive child, and often cries a lot. But he tends to hide his true feelings. He is described as polite-mannered, but he CAN be a dick. His short life and lack of friends made him a very angry individual, and he will often take his anger out on other people. He has murdered people before, but he's not really quick to kill like Jeff is. BEN will only drown or burn his victims, he will not kill any other way. He also has a massive fear of water, and will not even stand near a puddle. DO NOT MENTION WATER WHEN HE IS AROUND.
His usual quotes are "You shouldn't have done that", "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?", "I'm glad you did that.", "SWAG", etc. Theme song is the Song of Unhealing, which is the Song of Healing reversed. April 23 (4/23) was the day he drowned.
Oh and yes, BEN does eat cats and Dekus. If he says he doesn't eat cats and Dekus he is lying. It's best to not state what happened with Deku Link. The only cat he will not eat is Grinny. (he scares him)

Appearance: At first he started off as the Majora's Mask Elegy of Emptiness statue which is this ---> :iconelegyofemptinessplz: Then as time went on he started to develop this unknown disease which caused him to change form and appear more human-like as time progressed. It only took 3 days for the disease to fully spread. Dawn of the Fourth Day, he had full movement coordination, and grew several inches taller. He is now between 5'0 - 5'5, has a skinny figure, and has smooth shoulder length blond hair. He can also bleed, but he lacks most of the normal organs and whatnot. But he can actually change back into his original statue form at any time, especially in games.
His age is unknown, but some say he is a child and some say he is an adult.

Relationship With Jeff: Can best be described as frienemies. BEN's opinion on Jeff is that he is annoying, ugly as fuck, hyper, psycho/insane, and overall just stupid. He also thinks Jeff's creepypasta is terrible. (or at least, his arrogance thinks so) Jeff is usually very happy and hyper, and likes to tease BEN or splash water on him. But other times, when BEN is not in a terrible mood or Jeff is not being annoying, they can be good pals, almost like brothers. (Not lovers. -.-)

Relationship With Slenderman: Slenderman is the sub-lord/senpai of the creepypastas. (main lord/senpai being Zalgo) But the pasta characters don't really take him seriously at all.

Relationship With Smile Dog: I don't know but he hates the balls out of him. Plus there was a certain unfortunate "incident" including Smile and BEN had gotten into trouble for it. So now he just hates him. Plus, BEN isn't really a fan of dogs.

Relationship With Link: He hates him just as much as Jeff. But instead of them being frienemies, they are rivals. True, BEN did help Link in the Stone Tower Temple, but that was when he was just a statue, and had no feelings. It is unknown how he had grown to dislike Link, but like Jeff, Link makes fun of him sometimes.

Relationship With Jadusable: He no longer associates with/cares for Jadusable.

Relationship With Fangirls/Mortals/You Pricks: He can tolerate them as long as they aren't overly obsessive or rude. Although having a large ego the size of the Empire State Building, he refers to people as "inferior mortals", and expects them to obey him. (pssh yeah right) He likes to haunt them, scare them, get into their computers, crash their games, destroy their anti-virus programs, all the like. By the way, YOURTURN.
Oh and don't ask him out. He is uninterested in relationships. -.- And also he's not gay, so you yaoi fangirls need to git steppin'.

Relationship With Happy Mask Salesman: Happy Mask Salesman is the supposed "father" of BEN. It is plausible that he had drowned him, which is why BEN holds a certain grudge against him. Though he thinks of him as nothing more than a creepy pedo with a shit eating grin.

Past: BEN cannot remember anything before his death. He doesn't know who he was, who his parents were, where he lived, nothing. All he knows is that he drowned and he liked to play video games, specifically Majora's Mask.

Haunting Of Other Games: Before he couldn't haunt other games, just his own. But now he is able to haunt ANY game. The first game he got into was Ocarina of Time, since it was a Zelda game with the same level of graphics as Majora's Mask. But since the Elegy of Emptiness model does not exist in Ocarina of Time, it was quite difficult, but he managed to find a way in. He later appeared in other games where the Elegy model existed, such as Gmod, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Friends: Jeff, Sonic.exe, other BENs, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack

People who are not his friends: Masky, Hoody, Slenderman, Smile Dog, Jane, Link, your god-awful Mary-Sue OC

Lover: None. He is aromantic asexual.

You should give me cupcakes cause I am BEN and I'm the best at everything I bet I can kayak better than you.
Oh but wait I hate water ew. THE TRUTH.rtf
Please watch where you're stepping and don't get my profile all dirty. Or wet. Especially not wet. Or else you will DIE! get drownded. YOURTURN
My art sucks. day four.wmv
We shall get along fine (until you suffer a terrible fate), as long as you aren't stupid. Like the rest of the world. But you'll probably get drownded anyway. Derp.
I'm glad you did that.

But really

you shouldn't have done that. :iconcoolbenplz:

all teh BENs
:iconzeldabenplz: :icontheytookmyeyesplz: :iconelegyofemptinessplz: :iconvagibenplz: :iconcoolbenplz: :iconscarybenplz: :iconforeverbenplz: :iconterrlblefate: :icondatassbenplz: :iconbendrowned: :iconjadusableplz: :iconaskben-drowned: :iconmrchibi-ben: :iconb-e-n-d-r-o-w-n-e-d: :iconbenthekillerplz: :iconaskbendrowned: :iconyaybenplz: :iconask-ben-dr0wned: :iconask--bendrowned: :iconben-drowned: :iconask-ben1: :iconben-wovez-cookiez: :iconbencryplz: :iconpervybenplz: :iconpervybendrownedplz: :iconxben-drownedx: :iconthe-real-ben: :iconbenraveplz: :iconask-ben-drowned123: :iconask--ben: :iconask-kawaiibendrowned: :iconbenicecreamplz: :iconbridgettedrownedplz: :iconaskmajorabendrowned: :iconbenishappyplz: :iconaskben: :iconbendrowning: :iconbenreactionplz: :iconbenpancakesplz: :iconbenbwaahplz: :iconaskbenforcake: :iconben-4231952425: :iconpervysexybenplz: :iconben-has-drowned: :iconwolfbenplz: :iconxxben-drownedxx: :iconmetwithaterriblefate: :iconmet-a-terrible-fate: :iconbenderpplz: :iconb3ndrowned: :icondrowningben: :iconoo-ask-ben-oo: :icondrownedstatue: :iconbennydr0wns: :iconasck-ben: :iconmajorakid: :iconbenfuckindrowned: :iconfabulousbenplz: :iconbentrollplz: :icontrollbenplz: :iconbenohgodplz: :iconbenexe: :iconask-majora-ben: :iconnobenplz: :iconask-kawaii-benny-boo: :iconelegystatueplz: :iconelegystatue: :iconask-lil-jeff-and-ben: :icony-u-no-ben: :iconben-plz: :iconcreepybenplz: :iconrp-dreambendrowned: :iconbengusta: :iconbengustaplz: :iconbengetswagplz: :iconconfusedbenplz: :iconunfortunate-fate: :iconbenmanplz: :iconaskmajorasghost: :icondont-belong-here: :iconoobenoo: :iconb3n-dr0wned: :iconben-of-emptiness: :iconhyperbenplz: :iconask-pervert-ben: :iconlickybenplz: :iconherpplz: :iconask-fem-ben: :iconbensswag: :iconkirbybenplz: :iconask-pony-ben: :icondeadben: :iconaskbennydrowned: :iconladymajajaplz: :iconb-e-n-d-r-o-w-n-e-d1: :iconbenseesplz: :icondj-ben-drowned: :iconask--ben--drowned: :iconladymajaja2plz: :iconmanfacebenplz: :iconben-drowned-yshdt: :iconbenfacepalmplz: :iconslendydrownedplz: :iconslenderbenplz: :iconben-terriblefate: :iconhappysalesman: :iconsalesmancryplz: :iconben-drowned000: :iconask-bendrowned: :iconbendrownedcameplz: :iconxxask-ben-drownedxx: :iconaskthedrownedblonde: :iconben-drowned-311: :iconask-benny: :iconbenmajoradrowned: :icondrownedopposites:

FAQ plz read

A: I have a full right to use this account as an RP. After all, it is my account.

A: :iconnoonecaresplz:
Really. There can be different versions and styles of BEN like Pastamonsters BEN and such. You don't have any fucking control over that shit. Plus, in the story that Jadusable wrote, BEN didn't really have much of a character. (other than being manipulative and mindfucking)

A: I do a variety of things. But I'm mostly a parody artist and I like making people laugh at my stuff.

A: I admit that I get depressed at times and I do admit to have been emo-ish in the past. But that was the past, and I've moved on from that. I won't try to make people worry about me so much or come off as an attention whore. Because honestly I hate that. And if you do not like me, ignore me. Don't waste your time hating on me, as that's pretty sad, and besides, I don't give 2 shits about you anyway. C:

Q: Do you like any BEN shippings??
A: No I don't. I actually don't like any creepypasta shippings. But if it's just parody, then eh. If you like the shippings then fine.

Q: Do you RP?
A: AMG DHDVYCDHGDFFHDGGDHFNGDGSF PLEASE DO NOT NOTE ME ABOUT THIS yes I do duh all you have to do is say hi and BEN will automatically start talking to you.

Unless it is my admin talking ((then he uses sub text and parenthesis.))

Q: Who is BEN??????????
A: *shoves the creepypasta link in your face*

Q: Can we be friends?
A: Yes you CAN, whether you MAY is another answer.
However, you do not become friends with someone just by asking. If you ask BEN to be your friend without him knowing you the answer will always be no.

Q: Will you watch me?
A: Nope. I only watch groups and irl friends on this account. (mostly to prevent more feedback .__.)

A: Bad habit of mine. Sorry. Plus, I'm not what you would call a "social butterfly".


I will not hesitate to flag them as spam and block you if you keep doing it... :/
I am not one of those plz accounts. I have a zero tolerance for chain mail. (I even had to disable comments on one of my deviations because of this shit.)
For Christ's sake a dead girl named Clarissa is not gonna come after your ass because she doesn't fucking exist. I mean, Jesus.
Also do not tag me either. I'm not interested.

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cybertoni Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
hey thanx for the fav dood it means alot to me
SnowDoesShit Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
I've never been a Fan of Snuff... I didn't even know who wrote LJ story, so i don't really give a damn. 
And you shouldn't too.

if there are sick people thinking he's awesome by doing this shit, let'em believe it.
Don't feel shitty *pets*

Shhh... Heh
KawaiiWalrus Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Hhh darling please don't cry ;-; I was once a snuff fan until the incident and I can't see how people can be defending him. I, am on no side. I just told people to shut the fuck up :>. But darling please don't cry, the snuff fans or just being total assfuckinganalbeadsfromhell. Shhhh ;v; 
SunnyHeartofIceClan Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Writer
i am totally on your side dude, i feel horrible that people are actually trying to stand up for snuffbomb and what he did. it makes me so sick i want to cry >.<.
SEGA-x-Nintendo Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
:hug: I'm sorry for how you feel! I feel the same way! :x
ElectricFurtato Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
I'm sorry those Snuff fans made you feel so shitty. I really wanna throw them into the ocean so we could never see such terrible people ever again.
marshmallowcookiwolf Featured By Owner 2 days ago
If it makes you feel better,
I kinda wanna take every victim shamer, rape apologist, and rabid snuffling and scream in their faces and then throw a chair at them.
Not very nice, but yeah. ^^;
Silver-Eevee Featured By Owner 2 days ago
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I shouldn't have done that.
AnnotherZeldaLord Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
I'm sorry...
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